In the following, we have listed general questions.

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Discretion is very important to me. How can I be sure that this subject is handled with sensitivity?

We are aware of the particular sensitivity of this issue. Therefore, we always want to go a step further concerning this extremely vital subject. You can be sure that we keep and ensure a maximum amount of data protection and confidentiality, from the moment the first contact is established until invoicing. Eventually, there will be no evidence that you have made use of our services.

I do not want to pay in advance, but hand over the total amount to the lady or gentleman. Is this possible?

No. You will certainly understand that we have to ensure a certain level of confidentiality in the interests of our ladies and gentlemen.

On your website I have found the information that individual travel and subsistence expenses may be charged in addition to the fees. How can I be sure that the price for your services will not be excessive?

Before booking, we will discuss every detail with you. However, we expect our customers to realistically assess their financial scope.

How does the payment take place?

Before the actual date, an advance payment of 40% of the fee as well as 100% of the possible travel price has to be paid. For this purpose we accept all common payment methods such as PayPal, credit transfer or credit card. The remainder is to be paid cash at the actual date. (You will get more details in our conversation.)

What will appear on my credit card invoice?

A:To ensure the hightest level of discretion, the designation "UNISERVICES" appears on your credit card invoice, but never the name of our agency or respective terms.

Is there a specific time frame?

Booking should be confirmed as early as possible. However, how far in advance the booking should be made depends on your ideas about nature and scope of the desired services. We will advise you individually about possibilities in your case.
Cancellations are due no less than 48 hours prior to the date, although this period may vary according to the individual plans that have been made. You will get more details in our conversation.

Are there any cancellation fees?

If cancellation becomes necessary, there is no right of refund of the fees that have been paid in advance. Since we are also dependent on external providers, decisions about travel expenses and refund can only be made in each individual case. Here again: You will get more details in our conversation.